Day One – The Journey


I am not an island or a rock…

These words come to me as I prepare to launch this chapter of my weekly blog practice.  You see, I am on a journey of self discovery – a journey 8 years in the making.  With the half century mark approaching in seven months, I want to participate in my life as fully as possible; feeling the fear, pain and pleasure that inner exploration brings upon those who explore.

So where do I start?

Perhaps with some background.  I am currently living on my own.  My partner of eight years is away at a spiritual practice center (doing her own self exploration). My thirteen year old son is moving to the east coast in a matter of months (he’s there now with my ex visiting his future home).  So, here I am in Santa Fe, NM, taking care of myself and two cats.

My home has become the command center for my voyage.  It is were I prepare myself physically, mentally and emotionally for the journey ahead.  My computer is my voice and window on the world.

What I hope to share from this blog is an honest assessment of my journey down the “Burning Path”:

“The heat of our soul, that fire in our belly or the part of us that burns with love. All of us on the path of healing, awakening, and spiritual growth have that inner fire burning, or we would not have even started this journey. We need to be on FIRE for our own transformation; something inside of us needs to BURN if we want to step out of the dream of separation and awaken into our true selves and connect with Source. This path we are on (whether we call it awakening, liberation, union with the Divine, or fully surrendering to God’s will), requires 100% of our energy, commitment and engagement! It is a radical path. That is not to say harsh or angry, but radical, as it often takes us where we wouldn’t normally go if left to our habitual egoic tendencies: into what scares us, and what can be mentally, emotionally and spiritually challenging.”

The Passionate Heart

What it’s like to go to places that are enriching and places I dearly dread.

Welcome to my journey.




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I started this blog to sharing my experiences of the life. I invite you to join me.

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