How does your father see you?

My father still calls me Will or Billy, names I stopped being years ago. Our conversations always drift back to a time when I was still a boy, a child; his son.

You see, it is as if my father took a mental picture – a snapshot if you will – of me as a children.  I was probably 4-6 years of age.  My father was most comfortable relating with me from this space (he the adult, I the child).  He still relates this way some 44 years later.  It is impossible for him to see me for who I am today.

This is my biggest charge in relating with both my parents – They never saw me as a child.  They cannot relate with me as an adult today.

How do you relate with your parent(s)?  How does your father see you?  Your mother?  Can you be complete and uncompromising in their presence?

This is my work.






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