Tweeting: A Cry in the Dark?

There was a time when a man was called out for his beliefs through the art of debate. There was a moral imperative that called for action – standing behind what you say and a willingness to hear other in response.

But times have changed. We (US) face a self-inflicted moral deficit while hiding behind technology as we espouse our beliefs via a “tweet”.  More extraordinarily, we can say whatever we want and find an audience. Our radical beliefs now land for people who are also struggling with deep seeded insecurities and loss. Frustration, paranoia, hate – all are symptoms of how we turn our inner struggle outward.

People cannot stand tall if they are languishing in despair – regardless of what side of the issues they may stand on.  Through turbulent times, our path should be to seek our “individual truth” with inner resolve, while acknowledging that which is alive in us.  The direction of our voice, mindful of the fact that there is another human being on the receiving end.

We must be able to stand and be witnessed by the masses for what we find in our search.  No projection.  No demands.  Just an earnest reflection of our soul.  And we need not rely on technology to become our voice.

It seems today that a “tweet” can be interpreted as a “cry in the dark”.  And where there is pain, there is the potential for healing.


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