Where is the humanity?

A brief scan of the news this morning made me realize the constant struggle for personal freedom and rights of value.  The news is littered with examples of the dynamic tension between the individual and the powers that be. The rights of the individual basically boil down to what we collectively can agree on.  So... Continue Reading →

The Haunted House

“my thoughts inside my head, get lost inside the haunted house”      Ryan Adams The road of personal growth is fraught with challenges = it’s hard work with lot’s of pitfalls and ways to get knocked down. My mind is by far the most dangerous space I can go into; a personal cocktail mix of self-pity, frustration... Continue Reading →

Crossing the Threshold

"I walked through the door and instantly felt home" ... anonymous We walk through many doorways or thresholds daily. Seldom do we stop to notice what happens when we cross into another space. We simply move from space to space without consciousness. What happens when you take a moment to stop and experience what it's... Continue Reading →

Coming Home

My feelings are mixed this morning as we prepare to head back home - sadness, mixed with a longing for the familiar (our space, our things, our cats). There is an amazing space that opens when we come and go from places. We bring something to that destination, have experiences, create memories, then move-on, leaving... Continue Reading →

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