Taking Action – action from a place of authenticity

Try this sentence on for yourself  – “Authenticity is not just how to get through your life, but the way we live our lives.” Does this stir anything in you upon reading it?  This is a comment from Bryan Laursen, a men’s group leader from Boulder, CO, during a recent conversation about taking action.  BryanContinue reading “Taking Action – action from a place of authenticity”

An Article on Authoritarianism

I have four questions listed below.  Take this very brief quiz. Please tell me which one you think is more important for a child to have: independence or respect for elders? Please tell me which one you think is more important for a child to have: obedience or self-reliance? Please tell me which one youContinue reading “An Article on Authoritarianism”

Taking Action – planning and coaching

What stop’s you from moving forward? This was the question posed to me by life coach Angela Watson Robertson recently in a phone call. A great question for me to ponder as I ponder my directions for the new year. Getting stuck or experiencing inertia, happens to all of us from time to time. HereContinue reading “Taking Action – planning and coaching”

Taking Action – the act of creating

The road less traveled is often difficult and full of obstacles. But this road also offers a richer, fuller way of living.  Here is an incredible example of two women who, acting on their internal voices, stepped out of the mainstream, on to the road less traveled to find their creative genius. Sitara and Nameh,Continue reading “Taking Action – the act of creating”