The New Year

We can't necessarily undo what's been done (in our lives and in 2016), but I do believe we can start anew each day of our life.  I  send my best wishes to everyone and all as we slide into 2017. May the new year find you looking to renew and redo yourself. May you find... Continue Reading →

50 years

This morning, my 18,250 morning in this lifetime, I can feel a sense of ease and gratitude for what I have experienced.  Not to overthink being 50 or say too much, but rather a sense of who I am and the road that I've traveled to be here today.  My love for my son, Nate... Continue Reading →

The impact of clutter

Taking action can take many forms in our lives - moving forward in relationship, finishing the project started months ago, etc. Even taking the time to go through the stuff collected over years; questioning why it's there and if it "truly' has any value in one's life is taking action. Here is what Marilyn Mars... Continue Reading →

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