The Wisdom Path Podcast – Launching soon!

    With much anticipation, we have begun recording creatives and storytellers for the Wisdom Path Podcast. With a heavy duty schedule of recording happening now, soon we will be releasing inspired stories of creativity from people in the world of literature, fine arts and life. Please look for updates at or on Instagram... Continue Reading →

The unsustainable

"Well the word that comes to my mind is...thrive" my friend throws out during one of our weekly check-ins.  We had been talking about how we and those we knew were always in this place of "just getting by" in our respective lives.  Then he hits the nail on the head.  He goes for it... Continue Reading →

Where is the humanity?

A brief scan of the news this morning made me realize the constant struggle for personal freedom and rights of value.  The news is littered with examples of the dynamic tension between the individual and the powers that be. The rights of the individual basically boil down to what we collectively can agree on.  So... Continue Reading →


This is my 100th small feat.  I have, in my writings, wanted to share my life, with all the ups and downs; to be revealing and open in my impressions of the world around me.   These were my intentions from the start, and I almost didn't make it. Why?  As I mentioned in my... Continue Reading →

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