There’s a Hole in My Life

Shadow Man Smoking

I woke up one morning to find a hole in my life. 

Couldn’t see it.

Couldn’t stick my hand in it. 

Just this gnawing awareness that something was missing in me.

Then there were all the ways I tried to cover-up this hole in my life: from exercise to therapy.  Why I even tried avoidance, but nothing really worked…the hole was always there. 

What’s inside you ask?  Let me look.

Well it’s not a pretty sight, but I can share this with you.. it is the place that I avoid the most.  It’s where my shadow resides.

Shadow in my heart
Is tearing me apart
Or maybe it’s just something
In my stars
There’s a hole
In my life

“There’s a Hole in my Life” by the Police

I, along with many others, traverse our planet full of missing bits and pieces; the scarring of our attempt at existence.  So time to acknowledge that this is me; a man with a hole that makes him whole. 

A strange idea I know.

You see holes cannot be patched or bandaged as they are the constant reminders of of our individual journeys and the wreckage left behind.  So turn away no more shall I, but rather, take a deep breath and look inside. 

Who knows what I might find.


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