The Three Modes of Material Nature

As preposterous as the world may seem at times, what’s truly important is how we feel about ourselves and the lives we live.  Everything else is just our actions and reactions to that world and circumstances. I thought about this after reading chapter 14 of the Bhagavad Gita (The Forces of Evolution). In the chapterContinue reading “The Three Modes of Material Nature”

Things that make you think

I came across this sign while strolling downtown today.  The message – “to settle a homestead or to live free in the world” – seems to fit my current train of thought regarding what I want – and don’t want – in my life. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Guillermo TilleyContinue reading “Things that make you think”

The Wisdom Path Podcast – Launching soon!

    With much anticipation, we have begun recording creatives and storytellers for the Wisdom Path Podcast. With a heavy duty schedule of recording happening now, soon we will be releasing inspired stories of creativity from people in the world of literature, fine arts and life. Please look for updates at or on InstagramContinue reading “The Wisdom Path Podcast – Launching soon!”

Taking Action – planning and coaching

What stop’s you from moving forward? This was the question posed to me by life coach Angela Watson Robertson recently in a phone call. A great question for me to ponder as I ponder my directions for the new year. Getting stuck or experiencing inertia, happens to all of us from time to time. HereContinue reading “Taking Action – planning and coaching”

Action vs. In-action

There is something deeply universal about taking action as a means of moving spiritually through life. Action is the great I AM on our pathway to self-awareness.  Taking action is about moving energy…all energy. Then what is in-action? In-action takes the shape of many things – including doubt, procrastination, lack-of-confidence, avoidance – they are allContinue reading “Action vs. In-action”

The Wisdom Path Podcast series – has launched.

Hello friends, creatives and fellow bloggers, I want to invite you to follow and participate in my podcast project that I’m super passionate about. The series is called the Wisdom Path Podcasts and is scheduled for release March of 2017.  Here is a brief overview of the project: The Podcasts: 12 – 15 of theContinue reading “The Wisdom Path Podcast series – has launched.”

The Wisdom Path

Almost there. My co-producer, Marcus Acoya, and I just finished the audio portion of a video track that will be used as part of our Kick starter funding page.  Why Kick starter?  We are trying to build the Wisdom Path podcast series (a brief on the podcast will be posted at the end of thisContinue reading “The Wisdom Path”

Life’s a Party! Be-careful Who Shows Up

I’m still reeling from the party from last night.  An emotional gathering that left me with a hangover. I have to be careful who I invite to my parties.  Sometimes all characters get along and it’s a lovely night of fun and humor.  Last night was a party crashed by a giant and a witchContinue reading “Life’s a Party! Be-careful Who Shows Up”