To accept or to push – what is the limit?

“If I return to Europe I’ll be bored sick straight away,” she said. “Here I am fighting for a revolution, for freedom, equality. I can die and know that I’ve lived.” Kimberley Taylor, foot soldier for YPJ, Northern Syria I am, a big believer of using challenges to engage my will power.  But as IContinue reading “To accept or to push – what is the limit?”

The Story of My Life : The Observer

An opportunity has come my way in the form of a new business venture.  I’ve been hired to deconstruct a long time concept and build it into something new and dynamic.  But being a start-up, we lack cash flow.  My current pay barely covers my monthly expenses.  Not an ideal situation for someone with moneyContinue reading “The Story of My Life : The Observer”

Fear and loathing in the USA

  I was recently pointed to an article in the New Yorker called “Doomsday Prep for the Super Rich”.  The article talks about how Silicon Valley executives and their colleagues on Wall Street have been quietly preparing for an array of potential apocalyptic events. So when the SHTF, they’re bailing out! There are over 7Continue reading “Fear and loathing in the USA”