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Digital Marketing

Would you like to see your brand, product or services marketed online? Are you looking to build online followers? Would you like the look and feel of your online message to be clear and consistent?

  • Web & Content Strategy
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing

Factoid: 75% Of Total Marketing Budget Will Go To Digital Marketing. (Source)

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Small Business Consulting

You are looking start-up the business of your dreams.  How do you go about this?  What plans do you need to have in place? Is it product or service based?  What technology will you need?

  • Business Planning
  • Business Operational Advicement
  • Systems Integration
  • Business Development

Factoid: 60% of people who start small businesses are between the ages of 40 and 60. (Source)

stage and podium related to event planning and production.

Event Planning

You have an idea you’d like to share with the world. How would you like your idea presented? In a small intimate event? A large meeting or conference? A virtual event with national or global reach?

  • Event Planning
  • Event Logistics
  • Site Selection
  • Negotiations
  • Event Management

Factoid: 79% of people rank events as an important aspect of their business. Over 90% of nonprofits rank events as important or extremely important. (Source)

email related to digital decluttering.

Digital De-Cluttering and Organizing

What would it be like to have your email folders organized and maintained? What if you could find all of your documents with ease? Imagine having systems in place that make your work and communications seamless?

  • Digital De-Cluttering
  • Digital Organization

Factoid: This digital clutter and careless user behavior is leaving devices — and the sensitive information they contain — vulnerable to security threats: our survey reveals that over half (56%) of users have lost data on their smartphone, over a third (39%) on tablets and 51% on computers. (Source)

Click here to receive an info-graphic on my services.

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