Tech Keywords You Should Know

Like the industrial revolution and the printing press before this, DX will change the world as we know it...only this time, faster and more disruptive than before.

Why plan?

Are you happy in your current position? Does your business give you the feeling of success? Does your team have a common focus or goal? If you answered "no" to any these questions, then perhaps your problem is that you and your business lacks a plan. So here's my "tip for the day" - make... Continue Reading →

Keep it local

"Keep it local" This may seem like an overused word these days. It's on bumper stickers, t-shirts, websites, you name it.  People give it a great deal of lip service, but from my experience, we often fall far short on our intentions  We still spend a majority of our money outside our community. Local economies... Continue Reading →

Slowing down

I’m slowing down the tune I never liked it fast You want to get there soon I want to get there last ...Leonard Cohen   The creation of anything worthwhile takes time, a concept many of us in business (and life) seem to forget. If we want to have long-term success, then we need to... Continue Reading →

The Wisdom Path

Almost there. My co-producer, Marcus Acoya, and I just finished the audio portion of a video track that will be used as part of our Kick starter funding page.  Why Kick starter?  We are trying to build the Wisdom Path podcast series (a brief on the podcast will be posted at the end of this... Continue Reading →

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