What’s the frequency?

They say "there is always someone better than you at a given task or skill".   I like to counter it with a different viewpoint - that we all have a radio frequency that is unique to you and me and no one else. Like a radio dial, each of us can tune into a station... Continue Reading →


Other refers to everyone else.  This includes  - family, friends, neighbors, business colleagues and clients - anyone outside of you and your Connecting with other takes work, will and intention. In business, its paramount for sustainability. In life, critical to our base need for interaction and connection. When we think of other we open.  We... Continue Reading →

Building Walls

When we feel like something is out of our control we experiences fear and anxiety.  Often this perception leads us to action. We immediately shut down - our feelings, our ability to communicate, our connection to another - all diminished as we seal ourselves behind a wall.  For many, this seems like a good strategy.... Continue Reading →


Life is like a big picnic.  We are all invited.  You can show up with something or nothing at all. What makes the picnic enjoyable and connective is when we show up with something...anything that brings value to the gathering.  We can bring something tangible - like a skill, an offering or a place.  Or... Continue Reading →

It’s time

"The ignorant work for their own profit, Arjuna; the wise work for the welfare of the world, without thought for themselves. "          Bhagavad Gita   Why demonstrate truth, when the tactic of bullying is so much more effective. Why acknowledge the reality in front of us, when the ego's need to be "right" is... Continue Reading →

Keep it local

"Keep it local" This may seem like an overused word these days. It's on bumper stickers, t-shirts, websites, you name it.  People give it a great deal of lip service, but from my experience, we often fall far short on our intentions  We still spend a majority of our money outside our community. Local economies... Continue Reading →

Slowing down

I’m slowing down the tune I never liked it fast You want to get there soon I want to get there last ...Leonard Cohen   The creation of anything worthwhile takes time, a concept many of us in business (and life) seem to forget. If we want to have long-term success, then we need to... Continue Reading →

The Simple Things

Photo by Nate Tilley OK, so I have been talking a great deal about taking action in your life and world around you. I'm clearly trying to get people motivated to be "in the world" and not just casual observers of it all. Well today I'm writing from a different space.  I'm writing about how... Continue Reading →


What can you hold?  Not physically, but emotionally and from a place of the higher self. Can you keep your life processes moving forward (i.e. work, relationships, exercise, etc.)?  Or do you find that things always seem to fall apart after awhile? In the book A Language for Mapping Consciousness, the term structure refers to ... Continue Reading →

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