The Future of Music

“Would you like to listen to this week’s album, compiled from your own thoughts, emotions, and experiences?” Digital Transformation(DX) is radically changing our wold right before our eyes.  From the way we work to what we eat, DX is a powerful disruptor, reshaping our lives and pushing old societal norms out. Here is a story... Continue Reading →

The Wisdom Path Podcast – Launching soon!

    With much anticipation, we have begun recording creatives and storytellers for the Wisdom Path Podcast. With a heavy duty schedule of recording happening now, soon we will be releasing inspired stories of creativity from people in the world of literature, fine arts and life. Please look for updates at or on Instagram... Continue Reading →

The Art of Cooking

This blog post contains no recipes or food tips.  Just to be clear. What I'm talking about when I refer to "cooking" is not about the food we make.  What I'm talking about is the slow integration process we experience as human beings when we make a conscious effort to grow ourselves. When we cook... Continue Reading →

Original Instruction

Do you know your original instructions?  What are the ways and values you are meant to live your life by? The first peoples of the America's believed (and practiced) that man was given a set of "original instructions" on how to live on earth, in-sync with all that made up the planet; rocks, trees, rivers,... Continue Reading →

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