Can We Change Our Beliefs?

Have you ever believed something - really deeply believed - only to find that in reality, what you believed in simply wasn't true or relevant. Or came to find that that belief no longer served you.   We are born into constructs (aka beliefs) through our family, friends, and community. As children, we are filled... Continue Reading →

On Hold

I just spent a long weekend in Boulder, CO.  Reflecting on all of the interactions I had, I had the following awareness last night: How do we do ourselves fully and bravely - regardless of our fears of the outcome? I met with and spent time around a good number of people that were new... Continue Reading →

Welcome to my world…

This blog site is for anyone looking to appreciate the things they have (i.e. friends, family, children, health, life itself). I today was appreciating my relationship to my partner of four and 1/2 years.  How we communicate, share, reveal and presence (as in being present for) ourselves with one another.  Wasn't always this way, but... Continue Reading →

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