The Three Modes of Material Nature

As preposterous as the world may seem at times, what's truly important is how we feel about ourselves and the lives we live.  Everything else is just our actions and reactions to that world and circumstances. I thought about this after reading chapter 14 of the Bhagavad Gita (The Forces of Evolution). In the chapter... Continue Reading →

Be Yourself!

Just don't let anyone else see you There are a lot of mixed messages we receive today, but one in particular really stands out for me: "Be yourself!" or  it's derivative "know thyself!" Have you found yourself misunderstood, or misrepresented?  A good intention, that somehow went bad?  Here's an old favorite - "good boys or... Continue Reading →


What can you hold?  Not physically, but emotionally and from a place of the higher self. Can you keep your life processes moving forward (i.e. work, relationships, exercise, etc.)?  Or do you find that things always seem to fall apart after awhile? In the book A Language for Mapping Consciousness, the term structure refers to ... Continue Reading →

Original Instruction

Do you know your original instructions?  What are the ways and values you are meant to live your life by? The first peoples of the America's believed (and practiced) that man was given a set of "original instructions" on how to live on earth, in-sync with all that made up the planet; rocks, trees, rivers,... Continue Reading →

Black Moon

  Last night, September 30th, was a Black Moon, the second new moon in the month (a rare lunar cycle). The belief is that new moons offer new beginnings; a black moon is turbo charged. Manifest what you want now, as it is an optimal time for things to shift. What are ways we are... Continue Reading →


"When a father, absent by day, returns home at six, his children only receive his temperament, not his teaching"...Robert Bly My father is 83 years old this October.  He is about to move from the house he's lived in the past twelve years. His mind is leaving him but his body is strong. I wanted... Continue Reading →

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