Taking Action – the act of creating

The road less traveled is often difficult and full of obstacles. But this road also offers a richer, fuller way of living.  Here is an incredible example of two women who, acting on their internal voices, stepped out of the mainstream, on to the road less traveled to find their creative genius.

Sitara and Nameh, are the founders of Hearing Our Hearts podcast.  Here is what they had to share about taking action in life:

Taking action is a fun place to be. Sure, it can wake up the sleeping bear of ‘am I ready? how will the world receive what I’m sharing?’ worries. Then somehow the internal fire of my longing (to share myself with the world) becomes the louder message I follow. For me, I do a fair amount of prep work to be sure I have my ducks in rows before going fully public. For example, I’ve solicited my trusted friends to receive their input on the podcast’s logo direction along with other branding minutia. Goal being to have their input on whether what’s proposed mirrors the truth they see in me.

Hearing our Hearts (https://www.hearingourhearts.com) is a weekly podcast featuring the playful, spirit-filled, dynamic duo of Sitara and Nameh. The overreaching goal of the show is to move beyond our stories and enter into our hearts. We believe, following our heart’s longing, moving through the fears while being supported with our tribe is where true magic happens.

If I can make a plug… (and to help us start to build community now) … I’d love help inviting folks to complete our listener questionnaire. We anticipate having a segment where we read the questionnaire’s on the show. It’d be super helpful to receive people’s questionnaires now.

What is it you’ve always wanted to create?  What stops you from moving in a direction that is about how you see yourself in the world?  Whether it’s creating a podcast or building a new life, when we step out from under the shadow of societal constructs and our own embattled emotions, there are infinite possibilities.

So, where is your road less traveled?


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