It’s fourth and critical

Football is not my sport. But I thought it was a fitting analogy for the current circus of an election seeing how there are only seven days left. It's been a defensive struggle between these two teams with a championship title at stake. The theme of this game has been fumbles.  Both sides are attempting... Continue Reading →

Candy or Candid?

The streets echo with little one's looking forward to a night of goblins and candy. Yes, Halloween is now upon us. Our neighborhood is alive with children (which is unusual, since there seems to be no children the rest of the year). Do we buy candy or slip quietly into the night and turn the... Continue Reading →

The Art of Cooking

This blog post contains no recipes or food tips.  Just to be clear. What I'm talking about when I refer to "cooking" is not about the food we make.  What I'm talking about is the slow integration process we experience as human beings when we make a conscious effort to grow ourselves. When we cook... Continue Reading →

The Wisdom Path

Almost there. My co-producer, Marcus Acoya, and I just finished the audio portion of a video track that will be used as part of our Kick starter funding page.  Why Kick starter?  We are trying to build the Wisdom Path podcast series (a brief on the podcast will be posted at the end of this... Continue Reading →


What are the obstacles or barriers that keeps us from living fully? Have you ever asked yourself this? I have...many times over.  Some days, it's as if there is something standing in the way of me and my wants.  The "it" is on the other side and I can't get there. Well, the "it" is... Continue Reading →

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