Having Clarity in Times of Confusion; Part 2

The hardest thing to see when we are in a place of struggle – job loss, illness, financial collapse, separation – is that this process called life is forever evolving.  We often become confused because our perspective is clouded by the emotions that surge during our struggle.  We become myopic and stuck.

“Everything is temporary”

We have to be able to grasp and see the long-game of life.  That “everything is temporary” and that the very process of life unfolding cannot be measured nor controlled.

Growth comes when we let ourselves cook with the fire of struggle –  exploring the dark, scary stuff that comes up in that moment.  Through this exploration, we begin to see our struggles for what they are – the shedding of something old, outdated.

We come to know that we are in constant motion and that something new is just around the corner.  That loss becomes gain.  That night becomes day.

Clarity comes from this new perspective.

Photo by Matteo Catanese on Unsplash


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