Dyslexia – a dirty word in world of education

In a meeting held earlier today, it was brought to my attention that Dyslexia is a dirty word. A word that is not spoken in our great halls of education.  A word that few can pronounce and even fewer understand.

Dyslexia –  a word that creates nightmares for those who teach

Dyslexia – the missing line item on fiscal sheets

Dyslexia – no parent wants to acknowledge

Dyslexia – Children suffer in silence

But not today.

No…. today was different for at least one child, and one special group, in one special school.

Today, dyslexia was no longer the dirty word.



Welcome to my world…

This blog site is for anyone looking to appreciate the things they have (i.e. friends, family, children, health, life itself).

I today was appreciating my relationship to my partner of four and 1/2 years.  How we communicate, share, reveal and presence (as in being present for) ourselves with one another.  Wasn’t always this way, but time and will have brought us closer together.

Going forward, I hope to – share, reveal, witness – others in my community.  I hope that I can offer words of wisdom and comfort as I share my experiences.  I hope you will join me in offering ideas and thoughts on how we can make our world a better place.

Looking forward to the experience.


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