Grace – a simple movement or moment

2012-09-14 18.17.19

A simple movement or moment; what grace means to me.

What does it mean to be in the moment?

What does it mean to be present?

I think of these questions often as I go about the process of creating my new business venture, Ten Graces (Ten Graces is a values based business/educational concept for building awareness, creativity and sustainability).  

My life is fast paced – work, parenting, relating – bringing stress and disconnection from the moment.  When I feel that I’m disconnecting from myself or getting caught up in an emotion related to what happens around me (in reaction), this is were I turn to the value I refer to as grace.  I bring my awareness to what’s happening inside of me, moving from being “reactive” to a conscious state of looking inward, as in to give myself a pause.

In other words, I stop thinking and tune into what I’m feeling.

I find that when I move my awareness inward, my life changes in beautiful, subtle ways. I perceive the world more intuitively. I can feel and experience myself deeper and richer; giving form to that which stirs in me.

How graceful life can be when I look inside thee….


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