Daily Prompt: Eclipse

via Daily Prompt: Eclipse


noun: eclipse; plural noun: eclipses
  1. 1.
    an obscuring of the light from one celestial body by the passage of another between it and the observer or between it and its source of illumination.

My son flew his first plane this past June.  Thirteen years of age and already he’s stepping out from underneath the shadow of his father.  I cannot remember being so bold and intentional when I was his age.  To go a step further, he shared with me his desire to move back east with his mother and stepfather.  As much as he knew he’d miss me, it was something he wanted.  I felt this in his words and emotions.  I agreed.  So now he’s in Maryland, loving his new surroundings.


When I gave Nate the permission to make his choices without judgement, Nate could then look and feel what was there for him and make his choice.  I was modeling the behavior I want to pass on to him as he grows into adulthood.  He has the answers to most of his life questions sacredly harbored, deep inside.  As a parent, by eclipse his light with “I know better”, I begin to disconnect him from that source.  I want to retrieve the genius from within my son, not fill him up with my beliefs, thoughts and constructs.

The  question that comes to the surface for me is how do I (or we) as a father,(s) help our sons and daughters move out from under the shadows of us as parents, to allow the true light of their genius to shine and grow?

For our children to eclipse us, should be a communal and individual aspiration.  This is a grand experiment for me.  I hope you as the reader will ponder this question for yourself and look at how you affect the world – especially the little illuminations around  you.


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