Spirits in the Material World

Recently, a man quietly left this world while meditating.  This man – who shall remain anonymous – left behind a body of work and a school, as a legacy to his time here on this planet.

To create such a gift for the world is precious. His corpus of spiritual content, I believe to be rich and significant; the stuff we need to build a better world.

I too wish to bring something significant to the world.  I want to be observant, yet respectful of the human condition.  I want to pass through the world intentionally, graciously, spiritually, yet all the while challenging the status quo.  I want to disrupt our belief systems.  I want to make the world a better place.

I believe this man did this in his own way and I admire that.

For the record, I never knew him personally; my knowledge of him passed down from those that connected us from a distance and my studies of his work (content in the form of books and Cd’s).  Yet, news of his death touched me deeply.   So  I find myself pensive about life and death.  I feel a longing to explore my own spirituality deeper, more intentionally.

Perhaps this is my quiet tribute to a man I wished I had known.


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