The Wisdom Path: the Search for the Storyteller.

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(This is the first of a series of blogs related to a projected called the Wisdom Path Podcast. )

Storytellers are the individual responsible for keeping oral tradition and story alive.  Through their words and wisdom, they carry the water of life forward.  Giving us insights into the great mystery and ourselves.

But where are the storytellers of today?  Who now is responsible for holding and sharing the story?

This is why I’ve created the Wisdom Path Podcasts.  The primary goal of this podcast is to re-kindle the fires in all of us.  It is to resurrect the role of the storyteller and mentor.  Through candid, heart-felt conversation and sharing, we hope to engage a dialog that will reconnect those before us with those of us today seeking truth and congruence.  A bridge spanning the gap of time.

We also hope to re-build the relationships within the father/family paradigm.  To give a name to the pain and disconnect so many of us feel in our lives today.  This is a journey.  An exploration of an intimate kind.

We hope you’ll stay tuned for more on the Wisdom Path Podcast series.


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