Crossing the Threshold

“I walked through the door and instantly felt home” … anonymous

We walk through many doorways or thresholds daily. Seldom do we stop to notice what happens when we cross into another space. We simply move from space to space without consciousness.

What happens when you take a moment to stop and experience what it’s like to enter a new space. Whether your going from room to room or from outside, in. Make a conscious effort to notice what’s there; what’s different.

What we find are subtle little variations in feelings and thoughts. These impressions – what you feel about a place or activity – can be very tangible and telling. As you practice this process, you’ll start to notice what feels good to you and what doesn’t.
(Note: it does help to be practicing some form of meditation as you’ll be more attuned to the space around you).

Do this process for a couple of times as you go about your day. Try your home, then try your neighborhood coffee house.  Notice what’s there as you come and go.  This will also help you get more in touch with your feelings as you move through your day.


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