Meditations on fly fishing

(photo by Nate Tilley)

All I can feel is the current rushing past my waders as I mend my fly line.

Nothing else is present, but absolute presence.  I breathe deeply in the cool fall air.  I mend the line, then prepare to cast again.

This is what I hear:


– (silence)-


Nothing but the wind, rustling fall colors and the hypnotic sound of the river.

A meditation on the water.

I discovered four years ago the value of a daily meditation practice.  How the still, silent moments can shape and direct my day ahead.  Fly fishing is an extension of that daily practice with the added element of nature as my mantra.

There is a calm silence that envelops me when I’m on the water.

Worries disappear, my mind is still.  The OMC* completely disengaged.

Just me and the river.



*OMC (ordinary mental consciousness)




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