I woke up this morning with nothing to write

I went to bed last night full of creative thoughts.  I woke up this morning with nothing to write.

Only 33 posts into my process and I’m blanking out.  I had so much to say (or at least I thought), yet the mind is not working.

My morning coffee didn’t jump start me . Yeah, blame the coffee.  Hours have passed, yet the page is still looking quite bare.

Now night is upon me.  I’ve had several starts today.  Perhaps one or two will work at some point in time…but not for tonight.

Robert Bly once said “You say to yourself, Well this poem isn’t going to be any good, but I’ll write it anyways”

Guess I’ll just sink into not having something to write about, and write to share this with you.

This is after all, my reality.

So don’t expect too much tonight.  Just me in my blankness.



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2 thoughts on “I woke up this morning with nothing to write

  1. Ahh G, there are many days where I feel blank too. So much so that sometimes my whole life feels like a blank and that quintessential question “What’s it all about Alfie?” comes to the forefront. Why are we here? I was raised in a family/society where “doing” what was what it is all about. Doing was the done thing. At the moment this exact lesson is sitting in my face as my greatest gift, my 21 year old son is over in the US with me. He does nothing all day and that scares me that he is wasting his life away. But a session yesterday with my son and mentor extraordinaire revealed that I have a strong fear around doing nothing and I have projected that onto him all his life. Now is the time to sit with this and start to question this deeply embedded fear of doing nothing, feel this fear (this samskara) and move through it. Can it be that on the other side the “doing nothing”, the blank so to speak, can be transmuted into just “being”? Too soon to say but I too will not expect too much of myself tonight or hopefully for the rest of my existence as I face the blank page of my life.

    X Martine

    1. So beautifully written Martine. Clear and full of heart. I appreciate your deep sharing that highlights all the ways we struggles with being uniquely human. We all, are on this path…whether we realize it or not. Thank you!

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