The Art of Cooking

This blog post contains no recipes or food tips.  Just to be clear.

What I’m talking about when I refer to “cooking” is not about the food we make.  What I’m talking about is the slow integration process we experience as human beings when we make a conscious effort to grow ourselves.

When we cook something, there are chemical and physical reactions taking place as ingredients are allowed to come together.  The tastes (acids, fats, salty, etc.)  begin to balance each other out. The slower the process, the more intense the flavor.  Think of a slow roasted chicken or stew.  All these flavors meld together to create amazing food.

Well, the same thing happens to you and I when we allow ourselves to cook.  Our inner alchemy begins to shift and intermingle.  We burn things off (old patterns, behaviors, fears), while building other things up (clarity, sensation, awareness).  With time and intensity – which are key ingredients – change happens.  Beautiful, amazing change.

An example of this is my current project, the Wisdom Path.  It has taken over 8 years for this project to become clear.  I could feel something simmering, but the concept, like a piece of fruit that was not yet ripe, couldn’t come to fruition.  As this concept has been cooking within me for quite some time, I intentionally pushed forward using techniques like meditation and experimentation to build the knowledge base required to up-pack the project.  Now the time is here and I’m ready.

As all great cooks know, you can’t rush good food.  Inner work is much the same.  We must apply the right amount of heat (intensity), for the certain period to create a shift.  This, like cooking, takes time, intention and patience.

So, set yourself an intention,  put it out there, and let time do it’s thing.  Remember, a watched pot never boils.


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