It’s fourth and critical

Football is not my sport. But I thought it was a fitting analogy for the current circus of an election seeing how there are only seven days left. It’s been a defensive struggle between these two teams with a championship title at stake.

The theme of this game has been fumbles.  Both sides are attempting to carry their team (or party, which are interchangeable in this post) to the championship, yet suffer from an acute case of fumblitis.  The score is nothing/nothing and the carnage is everywhere.  The small, vested crowd that is left, is willing to kill for the outcome.  The rest of us have gone home to plan for the end.

Just when one team begins to move the ball, their momentum is shutdown by calls like – “illegal use of the hands” – which has stopped the Trump now on 13 consecutive drives or “email server interference, against the offense, loss of third down” which has just stopped what looked to be a winning drive by Clinton.  It is already being called the ugliest game…ever.

But still, the small crowd cheers on.  Trump, during a time out, receives a $1.25 million dollar infusion from a Silicon Valley Giant, with the hopes of providing some last minute resurgence for the team.  Meanwhile, the Clinton team, on the sidelines, is questioning the calls by the referee during the last two quarters.  Both teams are beaten up and desperate.  It’s fourth and goal, seconds left. Who will win?

No one knows. But what looks highly likely is this – everybody else will  lose – whether you attended the game or not.  You see, neither of these teams are fighting for our collective best interest.  They are beating each other up for purely selfish reasons.  As the clock ticks down, what’s at stake is the future of our world.  We are tethered to a game that has so much at stake, yet being heard from the bleachers is impossible. The noise of the crowd (read: media and special interests) drowns out any attempt at reason.

We seem to only be able to sit by and watch.

Hot dog anyone?


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