The impact of clutter

Taking action can take many forms in our lives – moving forward in relationship, finishing the project started months ago, etc. Even taking the time to go through the stuff collected over years; questioning why it’s there and if it “truly’ has any value in one’s life is taking action.

Here is what Marilyn Mars of Marilyn Mars Clutter Clearing had to say about clutter and the impact it has on our lives:

Your home is a reflection of your life and they are not separate.  When clutter is allowed to accumulate, the energy in your home reflects this. I ask my clients, for example, how do you feel when you walk into your home?  Is it chaotic thus hard to rest in?  Does it bring you down?  People have to understand the impact of clutter on their lives.  Clutter is anything that is not used or loved, that can create stagnant energy in one’s home. When your space is clutter free, the energy in your home can be vibrant and flowing. 

Part of our journey in self-discovery is about “peeling away the old” to reveal what lies beneath.  Clutter clearing is an actionable item that directly impacts on our emotional and spiritual process.  By letting go of stuff, you create room for new parts of your life to open.  This is a great way to begin the new year.

What are you waiting for?

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