Taking Action – action from a place of authenticity

Try this sentence on for yourself  –

“Authenticity is not just how to get through your life, but the way we live our lives.”

Does this stir anything in you upon reading it?  This is a comment from Bryan Laursen, a men’s group leader from Boulder, CO, during a recent conversation about taking action.  Bryan facilitates discussions among men about bring authenticity and integrity into their lives.  Through his facilitation and leadership, men begin their life’s work at a deeper, more integral level.

We discussed the importance of accountability and integrity and the difficult nature they bring to the group dynamic.  Bryan shared this about accountability:

“Accountability – it is the toughest part.  A great deal of resistance is present for many in the group.  Some stopped by fear, many by shame.  Where do you go from there?  How do you proceed forward, especially in a group environment.”

We talked about setting the context for group work up front, getting buying in from the group prior to starting the process.  Having guidelines and agreements to help keep the direction and structure, clear and cohesive.  Finally, we mused over the relevance of integrity within the participants.   Keeping everyone clear and committed to their respective agreement.

“Are you going to do what you say you’ll do?”

We talked about the importance of men’s work in the world.  How by participating in a men’s group, a man can begin the process of taking action.

Taking action doesn’t have to be a solo process.  Having a group that supports your intentions and dreams can be very powerful.  The openness and accountability of a group creates an intangible bond between members, but one must be prepared to be committed and authentic in such an endeavor.

We all have our part in the world.

Bryan Laursen is an IT and business advisor by day and in his spare time, you’ll find him leading and advocating for men’s groups, practicing and teaching authentic relating techniques (circling) and geeking out on anything consciousness related.


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