A license to kill

We seldom think of how our action, ego driven, can cause a reaction.  Our ego rages away, meanwhile, somewhere else, there is a reaction.  Violence happens.  A life is lost or forever changed.

We could never imagine taking responsibility for the damaged caused by that raging ego.  We don’t understand the concept of cause and affect.  Instead, we avoid our responsibility through denial, projection or worse, blatant ignorance.

When a truth is covered up by fear, bribery, policy, or propaganda, we loose a little bit of our humanity.  When justice is blinded by bias, intimidation or detachment, we offer up a license to kill or maim.

Some say “it’s just the way it is”.  Really?  That is the song of the sleeper, lulled into inaction.






Published by Guillermo

I started this blog to sharing my experiences of the life. I invite you to join me.

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