The Haunted House

“my thoughts inside my head, get lost inside the haunted house”      Ryan Adams

The road of personal growth is fraught with challenges = it’s hard work with lot’s of pitfalls and ways to get knocked down. My mind is by far the most dangerous space I can go into; a personal cocktail mix of self-pity, frustration and fear.  When I find myself slipping down into the rabbit hole, I stop and disconnect myself from this built in messaging and projection system.  Slip to far and it could take me hours or days to regain what I’ve lost.

The way I self-correct is to practice deep breathing; feeling the different parts of the body react to the inhalation and exhalation of the breath. I stay there for 5 – 10 minutes. No thinking, just being aware of what’s going on inside. I slowly bring myself to a state of evenness and calm.  After this practice, I find myself with more awareness to what got me thinking in the first place.  This practice is necessary; an act of self-love.

You’ll be amazed how much clarity comes back to you when you stop the “naughty neighbor upstairs” (Arianne Huffington).  The key is to catch yourself before the mind takes over. Don’t give up or grow frustrated if you slip and fall. We all do.

That’s the other thing. The struggle with our minds is life itself. No one is above it or has complete control over it (mind).  Just notice and breath. There are no days off when dealing with the “haunted house”.


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