Do we stumble when we look up?

I am on this kick about what it means to thrive in the world today. It’s been in my conversations (many others apparently have this question as well), my readings, my audio books…even my walks are consumed by this topic as I navigate the trails near my home.

I feel like myself and so many around me have been moving through the world, looking down, as if unsure what our next steps will be.  I also look down from my burdens – self-doubt, shame, depression, guilty – what I like to call my human condition.  So heavy are these burdens, that looking up seems impossible at times.  From this place I (we) sustain.  We get by.

Yet, I am pushing myself toward a different way of being in the world.  A way of moving that allows me to expand; not contract.  A walk if you will, where my head is up and my chest is open.  Although the pathway may be rocky (life), I seem to glide over the bumps and ruts effortlessly.  My vantage point is now 360.  My orientation broader and brighter.

So I encourage my readers to consider this for a moment.  Noticing from which space you operate.

Nose down and introspective?  Or head-up and open?

I have come to realize, best intentions aside, there will be days that I experience both as I modulate working to find the balance.  But I’m rather positive that I (we) can move through the world looking up, without stumbling.  And if we do, it’s only temporary, as if to keep us mindful of the effort we need to put into being alive.  The rocks and ruts will always be there.  It’s all in the approach.



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