When to relate and when to walk away.

Sometimes, we find ourselves involved with someone or something that seemed workable at first, but now has gone south…fast. So what do you do?   Do you hang on and try to make it workable? Or, do you let go of the effort and let the cards fall where they land?

To relate or to walk away?

This is happening for me in regards to my current work situation. I just feel that my needs and values are no longer in alignment with the work I do or the company I represent. This is not about good or bad, but rather just me moving in a different directions. I’ve put forth a good effort; time to move on as I don’t see anything changing.  Yet, the thought of launching into something else is scary and with no financial safety net, it’s a long way down.

The awareness is there for me – time to let go – yet now I must face and observe my concerns and emotions (fear of loss, failure, money, respect – the full spectrum). This is where I sit with fire and see what comes up for me. I call this the awaiting space; a place and time to assess my needs and my wants.

Part of the awaiting space is the formulation of what happens next.  Not in a frantic, crazy modality, but rather a structured, planned progression.  Something inside me knows that letting go is a powerful place of action and the reaction to letting go is usually an opening for newness and freedom (besides, holding on to things for too long is a complete waste of energy). So I am allowing the space to open, naturally.  Looking at my options, but checking in constantly along the way.

What happens next?  You’ll find out in upcoming posts.

So next time your in a similar place – relating or walking away – let the process unfold. Do not rush to judgement (or into action). Let the awareness and all that comes from that space hold you for a bit. You’ll know the right time to let go and to take action. But remember, when you do decide to take action…do it.


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