Do we miss opportunities and openings because we are moving too fast?

Have you ever seen a hummingbird fly by?  It reminds me of how I move through the world at times. In other words, moving too fast to be able to enjoy the finite moments in life.

For example, my son recently came to visit me for 30 days. He arrived July 31st. We had a packed, adventure filled plan for the month and so off we went. The next thing I know, I’m watching him board his flight home. Boom, he’s gone.

Walking back to the car, I am left with this sinking (and sad) feeling.  I’m dumb founded – where had all the time gone? Then I realize, I was so busy trying to make up for our time apart, that I missed the essence of his visit: a deeper connection with him.

As this thought has been ruminating with me since his departure, I began to notice other areas of my life that I can feel the “speed of disconnection”. The hustle and bustle of trying to get too many things done in a very finite period of time. Whether it be at work, at home or in play.

There is something about slowing life down that allows one to catch opportunities and openings.  We can read people deeper.  We can listen thoughtfully.  We notice things that otherwise would escape our attention.  We can experience a “close connection” with the ones we love.

I decided to take some down time to catch-up on something I’d been missing – quality time for myself. I am intentionally slowing down in order to catch the little details that I miss when moving at the speed of life.  I am saying “no” to things that do not feed me.  I’m saying “yes” to the quiet moments.  I’ll take the train or bike versus driving.  I am back to my daily meditation routine (the first thing that dropped off my radar during his visit).  Lastly, I’m breathing deeper (notice how your breathing changes when you’re in a hurry or stressed).

We did have a great time together and he experienced many firsts in his young life.  What was missing for me was “slow time” with him.  More connection and stillness. I cannot change the past, however with my new found awareness, I can begin to lay the foundation for a different kind of visit when I see him in November.


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