To be my own mentor

Can I be my own mentor?  Can I reflect back to myself all of the honest assessments of what I say and do in the world?  Can I catch myself when I fall?  Can I listen, without prejudice, to myself in those moments that are most painful and dark?  Can I create a new pathway forward when I’ve run off the road?

For years now I have look around me for people with such abilities for support and guidance in this journey called life.  Trying to fill voids left by my upbringing.

But wait..I have this awareness.

I have traveled this long and hard road of life.

I have been brought down by the pain of love and loss, only to get back on my feet through will and determination.

I  have obtained the truth and knowledge past to me by those who have gone before me.

I have learned to sit in stillness.

To face my fears.

To free my voice.

I have become…my pathway.




Published by Guillermo

I started this blog to sharing my experiences of the life. I invite you to join me.

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