Getting back on the horse

It’s has been several months (five to be exact) since I sat before a computer screen to post.  The reason for my absence is unimportant.  What matters is I’m back and it time to start writing again.

So, as I stare at this page, I ask myself – what can I contribute to the world today?

What are readers longing to read?

What is there new to say?

So much is put out on a daily basis – bloggers, podcasts, social media aficionados – that it’s hard to come up with a fresh thread that sounds original (and informative).  From spirituality to politics – we are potentially crushed by the weight of communal contributions to online readership.

(By the way, take a moment and share your thoughts with me on topics you would like to read and follow.)


Over the past 5 months, I’ve had many insights come to me during my time of “active contemplation”.  Now I’d like to share these insights in “One Man’s Guide to a Better World“.  Some examples of what’s to come include:

  • What it’s like to work in the service industry…at 50
  • Parenting long distance
  • Relating with others
  • The power of saying “no”; even to the ones we love
  • Building willpower at 15

And this my friend is the horse I must climb back on.

So I have my hand on the saddle, trying to calm this beast before me (inside and out).  As with all things good in life, it’s just a matter of pulling oneself up, throwing one leg over and taking the reins.

Till next time…



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I started this blog to sharing my experiences of the life. I invite you to join me.

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