Tech Keywords You Should Know


Welcome to the World of DX

Where I come from, we call DX or Digital Transformation the next major revolution confronting mankind.  Like the printing press and the industrial revolution, DX will change the world as we know it…only this time, faster and more disruptive than before.

You see regardless of your background or where you maybe going in life, DX is going to impact on you.   In fact, it actually already is.

When I said “where I come from” I am referring to the fact that I am the COO at DX Planet 4.0, a digital media group (and soon to be foundation) that follows and writes on digital transformation.  We look at these emerging technologies to see how they benefit mankind and what potential pitfalls might come from their development.

So today’s blog is about important tech keywords I believe everyone should know.  But instead of giving you both the terms and a definitions, I’m only giving you the keywords.  I want you to define them for yourself.  This will give you a better understanding of these new technologies and how they might impact on your life directly (think social media ads or robotics).

Tech words everyone should know:

AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Machine Learning



Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality


Fintech or Financial Technologies

Autonomous Vehicles



Digital Nomads

There are more terms on DX for sure, but if you have a basic understanding of these keywords, you’ll be in the DX game and better prepared to make decisions going forward.

The DX revolution will undoubtedly be one of the most exciting transitional periods in mankind’s history.  I believe we all should be on-board.

Here are some helpful links for your research.  If you’re involved with digital technologies or work for a SME, please visit the DX Planet 4.0 newsletter and website for continuous updates on the world of DX


DX Resources:

Medium or Date Driven Investor

Get Pocket

MIT Technology Review

Wired Magazine



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