Daily Prompt: Fragile

I dream I am dying.  My last breath held tight, not wanting to let go.  The primitive urge to survive racing through my brain and sinew.  I know I have to let go, but can't.  I want to live for one more day!  Why here?  Why now? I've read that the death journey is most... Continue Reading →

The Grasp Behind the Want

Woke up this morning, grasping for a way to be grounded.  I wanted to feel different or feel something "better than" yesterday.  Feeling like crap and wondering if anything would ever change.  Questioning everything. Have you ever woken up, wondering how is today different than yesterday, than last year, than five years ago?  Yesterday was... Continue Reading →

Step One – The Stillness

How do I prepare for personal and spiritual growth?  What skills or tools do I need to help me build fortitude and clarity (and why?).  The first step is a practice or ritual that starts my day off.  I'm talking about meditation. I've been practicing meditation since 2012. I have watched meditation explode in recent months,... Continue Reading →

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