Grace – a simple movement or moment

A simple movement or moment; what grace means to me. What does it mean to be in the moment? What does it mean to be present? I think of these questions often as I go about the process of creating my new business venture, Ten Graces (Ten Graces is a values based business/educational concept forContinue reading “Grace – a simple movement or moment”

Dyslexia – a dirty word in world of education

In a meeting held earlier today, it was brought to my attention that Dyslexia is a dirty word. A word that is not spoken in our great halls of education.  A word that few can pronounce and even fewer understand. Dyslexia –  a word that creates nightmares for those who teach Dyslexia – the missingContinue reading “Dyslexia – a dirty word in world of education”

Welcome to my world…

This blog site is for anyone looking to appreciate the things they have (i.e. friends, family, children, health, life itself). I today was appreciating my relationship to my partner of four and 1/2 years.  How we communicate, share, reveal and presence (as in being present for) ourselves with one another.  Wasn’t always this way, butContinue reading “Welcome to my world…”