“The next best thing to being wise oneself is to live in a circle of those who are.”
― C.S. Lewis

I recently sat (meditated) with a group in a fellowship circle. The question that was put to the group prior to the meditation was this – “what does it feel like to be in fellowship?”

I pondered this after the group, looking for answers in my experiences of being in the world. A friend of mine said of fellowship – “it was an interaction that leads to actions”. She recently injured herself and was experiencing this swell of community support around her recovery. We also discussed the connection between community as a theme and fellowship. Are they one in the same? Are they mutually exclusive?

So what does fellowship mean to me? My take on fellowship is this: A heart space in which we intentional take action to create a group or community.  I believe fellowships are intentional. We create fellowship to help carry some process forward.
Sometimes the intention are unspoken in the beginning, but eventually become articulated in order to keep the fellowship alive and growing.

Fellowship is a broad topic, with many interpretation I’m sure.  I’m not sure about the question in regards to the word “feel”.  Is there a tangible feeling or experience with fellowship?

What does fellowship look and feel like to you?  I’d like to hear different viewpoints on the topic of fellowship.


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