Three Principles I Live By



Part of my process to re-discover my “original instructions”, was to create a list of life “principles” that help me navigate my world.  Here are my current top three principles:

  1. I know where I’m going.
  2. I am responsible for getting my needs met.
  3. I take action, everyday in my life.

The first gives me direction and motivation.  The second keeps me from collapsing when faced with adversity.  Lastly, by taking action, I bring the intention of the first two principles into fruition.

I turn 50 in December, so I am re-defining my life and my work.  These principles are powerful ways to keep me centered, on-track and authentic.

Note: I used the word “current” to reflect that these three principles are critical to where I am in my life right now.  Life is fluid, these principles will change as I change. 


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