The Journey: Work – What does Worthwhile Mean?


I am working on one of my new life principle regarding work.  The principle being – worthwhile work.  This is my process that I wanted to share with you; the reader.

I have worked all of my adult life. I’ve worked in many different industries and worn many different hats.

There were times that I found work that was nourishing; a labor of love.

Most of the time,  my work was unfulfilling.

I worked because I had too.

No more.

Things have shifted in my life to the point where I no longer wish to approach my way of making a living from this old, outdated vantage point.  I want to do worthwhile work and this is what that looks like for me.

Work I find significant for my own reasons.

Work that calls me, makes me smile when I share about it with others.

Work that satisfies something deep inside me.

Work that flows concurrently with my direction in life.

Work that allows me to remain sustainable, while benefiting others around me.

Do you have worthwhile work?  If so, what does this look like?   Would you be willing to share your experience?


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