Life’s a Party! Be-careful Who Shows Up

I’m still reeling from the party from last night.  An emotional gathering that left me with a hangover.

I have to be careful who I invite to my parties.  Sometimes all characters get along and it’s a lovely night of fun and humor.  Last night was a party crashed by a giant and a witch (and all of the toxic things they drink).

So calm at first, so harsh and violent the next.  They are duplicity, yet they are one.  Ego’s are bruised.  Love thrown out the window.  The giant hisses and growls.  The witch searches for justification.  They dance their dance and destroy all that surrounds them.  And when they finally leave, there’s sadness, hurt and isolation in their wake.  No sleep for those who imbibed too much.

Now I’m picking up the pieces.  Rebuilding the house and hearth.  If life’s a party?  Do be-careful who shows up.

*(Giants and Witches are critical symbols of mythology, often reflecting our inner shadow)


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