Stepping out into nature



Sometimes all we need is a little space.  To breath, think and feel.

I ventured out to the Santa Fe Nature Preserve to film some test clips for a project I’m working on.  As soon as my vehicle stops, I jump out,  gear ready to go, and hit the trail.  The air is clean.  The sky is deep blue.  The golden leaves of autumn splashed against the mountains of the southern Rockies.  Spectacular.

I hike through the sage and chamisa, down into what was the bowl of the old Santa Fe reservoir.  Out of the light, into the shady, damp marshland (all that remains of a 21 acre watershed) I move.  Through bent willows, over beaver downed stumps, and down the leave covered trail that circles the preserve.  The further I go, the freer I become.

I pick several sections of the trail to film.  I check out the information markers that speak of the local history.  I revisit my childhood…no stress or cares.  Just plain fun.

This is the moment where everything makes sense.  Clarity hits.  Rejuvenation begins.  Bliss.

Once I have finished my exploration, I head back to the dirt parking lot.  I spent only 40 minutes outdoors, yet I was noticeable lighter.  I pause,  before unlocking the car, to draw in my surroundings.  A brief “dip” into nature and I’m feeling energized and motivated.

Next time your feeling overwhelmed, head out to your nearest beach, park or hiking trail.  Just let go…

and be a kid again.


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