What are the obstacles or barriers that keeps us from living fully?

Have you ever asked yourself this? I have…many times over.  Some days, it’s as if there is something standing in the way of me and my wants.  The “it” is on the other side and I can’t get there.

Well, the “it” is actually inside of me (and you).  The barrier, is merely a temporary question mark on our pathway through life. A pop quiz to remind us what is important and what is irrelevant.

Writing used to be such a barrier for me.  I didn’t think anyone would care or like what I wrote.  So I didn’t.  Couldn’t get past the barrier in my mind.

But that has changed for me.  I stopped worrying about what others thought, and simply started to write.  I have found great pleasure in expressing my world through words.  Sharing what is alive in me.  Regardless.

I still run into barriers these days. They are signs that my desire to live and grow are still healthy and present.


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I started this blog to sharing my experiences of the life. I invite you to join me.

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