A visit to the psychic pond.

Preface:  I am avid follower of the work of Robert Bly.  Most of the terms and context is based on his work in the field of mythology. 

I did some work yesterday on my life project of bucketing out my psychic pond. Didn’t expect to tackle that chore yesterday, but sometimes, regardless of my best intention, the pond calls me.  So I worked hard the night before and got things really stirred up. Some much so, that I was physically dizzy from working in the stuff.

So I got to work, first thing in the morning. Boy, you should have seen (and experienced) all of the stuff that came to the surface. The water was dark, murky and full of nasty things (some of which I thought only existed under my bed as a child).

By the way, a warning.  Bucketing can be tough on those you love.  It is best to do this in your own time and place.  Letting them know what’s going on of course, in case you fall in.

I dredged all morning. I found lot’s of anger.  I bucketed out victim stuff, things I held in for too long and lot’s of childhood angst. I emoted, bitched, screamed and sulked. Lot’s of sulking.  Oh, it was a good bucketing session I would say. By the end of my day, I was exhausted. It was then time to lie in my ashes so I could recover.

The important thing to know about a good bucketing session is this – do it fully, but don’t work past nightfall. Get in, do the work, do it with gusto, but don’t stay too long. You’ll need the time post bucketing to unpack all that was there. You’ll also have to do a bit of housekeeping to get rid of the residue (how ever that may look).

I feel better today. But I know the pond (and everything in it) are still there, awaiting my return. I will not bucket today, instead I will walk the shore to assess what I have uncovered and what might be next.

One last thought: regardless of the size of your bucket – large, small, round, oval – make sure you have a good, sturdy handle. Trust me on this one.


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