I voted today.

I walked to my local polling place this morning. Shared my I.D., signed a couple of docs and voted. It took all of 10 minutes. I walked away, hoping for the best.

I wonder how many of us felt that way today as we participate in this democratic process? We simply are “h oping for the best”.

There’s is all of the national, social consciousness – Will our candidate win? Will things be different? Will I get what I need? A lot of fear and anxiety.

Then there is me – wanting to do my part, but noticing my skepticism over a process I no longer feel supportive of or connected too. But there I was, making a choice.

There were no long lines or contested conversations. There weren’t even any crowds.  Just one, humble,  supporter with a sign hanging outside the school ground, watching the brisk, fall morning pass by. We simply exchanged smiles and a nod.  She seemed sad, almost forlorn. I  couldn’t  help but wonder if she was “hoping for the best”.


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