The loss of self-responsibility

When I wrote “What I do to you, I do to myself”, I had no idea how quickly the future would turn for the worse.

The meta-message in my post is about how the ultimate responsibility for change, lies within all of us. We, as in I AM, are responsible for credible, real change and not someone or something outside of us.

But the paradigm has been flipped. Blaming others, succumbing to our fears, disinformation, have become public policy. Self-responsibility gone out the window.

When our communal leadership shifts in ways that are detrimental to the common good, we must not collapse. We must look deeper into our gut and heart. We must ask ourselves hard questions about what we want and what must be done to “bring balance” back to our lives (and the world).

This I believe to be a truth. – that we are not alone in this world and that our individual actions do make a difference (for better or for worse).


So, what do you find when you look inside?

What would you like to bring fourth to the world?

What can you do to make that change happen now?


I give you, the reader, pause to think about these questions.

What you find in your answers today, may be important to the rest of us in the future.



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