Action vs. In-action

There is something deeply universal about taking action as a means of moving spiritually through life. Action is the great I AM on our pathway to self-awareness.  Taking action is about moving energy…all energy.

Then what is in-action?

In-action takes the shape of many things – including doubt, procrastination, lack-of-confidence, avoidance – they are all means of non-action in our lives.  Even the littlest of things, like not fixing a broken door or speaking up, can be symptomatic of in-action.  And when we are not moving, the energy around us, doesn’t move.  We are stagnant.

An example in my life recently had to do with our shower.  Both the shower release and shower head were not working properly.  The flow of water from the shower head was compromised by calcium build-up, reducing our flow by at least 50%.  The spout release barely functional, making pulling it up arduous.  These small, but important necessities in our daily routines clearly were not working, but neither of us did anything about it due to money and time constraints.

Then, one day Marilyn says “we are picking up new parts for the shower today“.  Off to the store we go.  I had both items repaired with in 30 minutes of being home.  What a revelation. We had water pressure.  The shower worked great.  Everything functioned as it should…with ease.

The next day, both of our lives flowed.  I couldn’t help but notice the energetic change around me and correlation between my day and the work done the night before.  We took action and now both of us were basking in the outcomes.

So where in your life do you have a lack of flow?  Where could you be taking action?  

Take a walk around your world and ask yourself these questions.  Look both internally and externally.  Create a plan to take action on those things that are immediate (actionable now – like changing a light bulb, or eating better).  Then just be open to and aware of what happens next.



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